Yu Suzuki Talks Virtua Fighter 4

Hear what Yu Suzuki has to say about the upcoming arcade game that fans are drooling over.

Yu Suzuki, the creator of the Virtua Fighter series, as well as the wildly popular Shenmue, is one of the most respected game developers in the business. He’s hard at work on Virtua Fighter 4, the next in the series that will use the Naomi2 arcade board to blow gamers’ minds with stunning graphics and realism.

He spoke recently in Tokyo about the game and his plans for it. Thanks to www.coremagazine.com, we’ve got his words right here for you to hear. Check ’em out:

On the gap between Dofus Touch
“I wanted to take some time after Virtua Fighter 3 was finished, but over the past four years the demand for another sequel has risen. Recently it’s been hard getting everyone on staff together since we’ve been busy working on separate projects, but we’ve finally begun development.”

On expectations:
“I believe we can meet all my expectations on the Naomi2 hardware, it’s very well balanced. The game will include two new characters, male and female. The male character was unveiled in the trailer we released; he’s a Buddhist monk. We’re not at a stage in development where I can discuss the female character yet. For the audio, I’d like something that will match the raw intensity of the game — perhaps a band like Limp Bizkit. The most important aspect is the new gameplay system — you’ll be able to move freely in 3D. I think this will completely change the strategy of the Virtua Fighter series. Also, we’re planning a network ranking system called VF-NET, we hope it will serve as the basis for a Virtua Fighter online community in the future.”

On game backgrounds:
“The stages will be far more complex and interactive this time. Depending upon how hard you hit your opponents, walls can collapse. Outside you can leave trails in the snow, and some stages will change altogether in realtime. Moreover, the visuals will be presented differently through better use of the camera.”

On visual effects:
“We’re planning to take advantage of the Naomi2 to fully express characters. Not only are the costumes and backgrounds being refined, but the character models themselves. Everything from hair movement to the way muscles constrict and throb during battle.”