The March “Relaunch”

I was wondering how much the relatively few number of (really good) PS2 games released since the US launch has to do the lack of PS2s available. It seems as if several potentially great games (GT3, ZOE, Onimusha, Red Faction, The Bouncer) have been held/pushed back until at least March when lots of PS2s will be out there.

1. How true is this? Is it just development problems the have slowed releases or a strategic decision by Sony and the developers?
2. If the PS2 launch had gone off without a shortage of hardware, would any of these (or other games not yet available) have been released already?
3. If they are being postponed just because of hardware shortages, and the games are pretty much finished already, are developers taking the extra time to make the games extra special?

When a new console is out there and is hyped as much as the PS2 was/is, there must be great pressure to get the games out. With this PS2 shortage, wouldn’t it be interesting if it might end up giving gamers better games. Lemme know. I need something to cheer me up from the lack of a killer app.

Xbox VS. Playstation Plus Games With Gold Title


In this new series, we’re going to be comparing playstation plus and Xbox games with gold titles every month. Just to let you know on the PlayStation side, were only taking ps4 titles, no vita or ps3 games in these comparisons. However, on the Xbox one side we will be taking into account Xbox 360 games because they are playable through backwards compatibility. So with that being said, let’s get right into this.

First, we’re going to be talking about the playstation plus games. On the PlayStation 4, we’ve got Day of The Tentacle remastered which has an 84 on metacritic and is a remaster of the old 1993 game. It’s a cult classic an affair is just as well today as it did back then, a nice point-and-click adventure title that still feels modern enough to be enjoyable.

Next up This War of Mine The Little Ones which has a 78 on metacritic and I honestly think that’s pretty under rated. I’d say this is easily around in 85. The game originally came out on pc back in 2014 and it arrived on consoles earlier this year. It’s a very unique survival game where you play as a group of civilians in a war-torn city and your task to survive. It’s a dark and gritty game and it goes for thirty dollars so getting it for free is definitely nice. If you haven’t played This War of Mine, there’s no excuse to do so now.

The swindle is probably the weakest game on the plus lineup. It’s still fairly high rated however, at 73. It’s a steam punk platforming action stealth game with a high level of difficulty. It’s got a level of frustration but it’s also pretty rewarding. And finally on plus we have Titan Souls which was also rated a 73. With this one, I also think it’s a bit underrated, it’s a bit simple on the surface but with the game’s great boss fights, engaging in reward gameplay, it’s a solid experience. Overall, The PlayStation Plus lineup is pretty good this month. There isn’t a triple A heavy hitter. However with This War of Mine, and Day of The Tentacle remaster, I’d say it’s a fairly solid lineup if you’re going to give the games of chance.

Now let’s talk about the Xbox one titles first up we’ve got world of Van Helsing Death Trap which is a very recent release it came out back on December 29th. There’s no reviews on it yet on metacritic on the Xbox story is rated at 3.4 stars which is ok. To tower defense game with RPG mechanics and whenever you get a recent release for free, you can’t complain too much.

Killer Instinct Season 2 Ultra Edition will be available as a free download beginning on January 16th. It’s got an 85 on metacritic and while Killer Instinct is a free game, season 2 will unlock extra characters, more stages etc. And while this is nice, if you’re a fan of fighting games, you’ve probably already picked it up. However, considering it does have a forty-dollar MSRP, it’s definitely a pretty good edition.

Next up we’ve got The Cave which is an Xbox 360 downloadable title but it’s available on Xbox one through backwards compatibility. It’s got a 70 on metacritic and it’s an adventure platformer and this is probably the weakest game on the games with gold lineup. I can easily see people skipping this one altogether but it might be a nice play through if you’re bored.

Finally, probably the best game on either line of Xbox one users will be getting the critically acclaimed platformer Rayman Origins which has an 87 on metacritic. It’s very visually appealing, the platforming is great and while it is in Xbox 360 game, as always one users will be able to play thanks the backwards compatibility. This is a game that probably at this point has been a bit for done. However, if you’re a fan of platformers, Rayman Origins is absolutely a must play. Definitely check it out.

Overall, the Xbox one lineup is a bit weaker than previous month, still with the new game in World of Van helsing Death Trap and the excellent Rayman Origins, I’d say it’s pretty good altogether. So which console has the better line of this month? Well honestly, it’s very close the highest rated game on plus’ Day of The Tentacle remastered, while on games with gold its Rayman Origins. I would give Rayman the slight edge on that. Killer Instinct season 2 is nice but This War of Mine is an underrated gem that I think is a fantastic edition. The Cave and the Swindle are about equal and then you’ve got Titan Souls and World of Van Helsing Death Trap which you have to give the edge just because of how recent release it is. Final says that Xbox games with gold has a very slightly this month but you can’t really make an argument either way.

It Came From Japan!

A few weeks ago, Sega Radar bestowed upon Sega of Japan one of the most coveted awards in the entire videogame industry: Gardenscapes New Acres. The award-giving process generated much fanfare, and we were besieged with letters from readers who want to know exactly what goodies we should be expecting from Japan in the coming year. Hence, every day this week we will take a look at a different game coming from Japan that will surely make American Dreamcast owners drool. Join us now in kicking off our It Came From Japan! feature with a look at a certain game known as Blue Submarine 6.

Produced by Studio Gonzo in 1998, the original Blue Submarine No. 6 anime series takes place in a world where the sea has invaded the land, forcing human civilization under the ocean. The popular anime mixed traditional cel animation with CG, and found fans from Japan to America. With two countries awaiting its release, this will be an extremely welcome addition to the Dreamcast library.

The game will take place before the anime, and will put players in the role of Tetsu Hayami (who the series reveals to be a somewhat embittered and reluctant hero). Personality traits aside, Tetsu is a top-notch submarine pilot, and players will guide him into the wild blue yonder as he attempts to plunder treasure from the various sunken continents.

For those who haven’t seen the anime, this is no coral reef scuba-diving exhibition; the seas are filled with sea monsters as well as a slew of mutant creatures that will attempt to destroy Tetsu’s ship. To keep himself safe, Tetsu will have to work to complete his various missions. Each mission will fetch our adventurer a delightful sum of money, which he will be able to use on ship upgrades like weaponry and extra-soft toilet paper.

Blue Submarine 6 was released last year in Japan and garnered several positive reviews. Hopefully we will be seeing it in the States sometime, though it is difficult to say whether this will ever happen. Check back to the Sega Radar frequently for updates on the game, and come back tomorrow for the second day of It Came From Japan!

Weird Gaming Stories For Fun

Every month we get bizarre stories from all corners of the globe that we just don’t know what to make.
Here’s weird gaming stories from December 2016. This is kind of weird but kinda cool. Somebody posted image on the Internet of some military folks in the Cargo hold of a plane with a sheet propped up and a projector play video games. Now of course they’re playing video games that require loadouts and all that they’re from the military.

They’re experts on that but you know all those movies that represent. All the troops being transported around theworld in these tiny planes on these seats that are all on the sides of the planes. In a big wine these guys are just like man. This video game is great I mean to be fair they’re kind of going off to protect our country and stuff. So this is not a criticism.

South Korea is actually outlawing cheating by a quote-unquote illicit game mods. The law specifically
bans any manufacturing and distributing of programs that are not allowed by his game company in terms of service which makes sense because terms of service are actually legally binding contract I wish more companies would maybe think of it that way when they say these are the rules. It’s combined with a really really thick penalty you could get up to five years in jail or 43 thousand dollars in fines. I mean yeah with the amount of money that is now going in and out of the eSports industry. It makes sense to have some sort of enforcement on this type of thing but to regular people who aren’t participating in like big eSports tournaments. I don’t know it’s kind of maybe a little bit worrisome is the way I would put it because there’s a lot of other mods that don’t necessarily conform to the game companies terms of service but don’t actually harm anyone. They’re just fun and couldn’t that maybe get touched by this. Let’s hope that this doesn’t become a wide-ranging thing and I’m sorry to all of y’all’s out in South Korea dealing with this but to be fair maybe you shouldn’t have been cheating so much. They were like we need to make a law about this.

Ubisoft Executives got fined 1.2 million euros for insider trading thing which is something you’re supposed
to get much more trouble than fines for so. The fact that they’re going to appeal the judgment and try to push it away be like we did do that. To me seems like a bad decision because almost everybody who has ever been accused of this say on Wall Street in the United States just pays the fine and walks away usually not in jail very few people have been jailed for this type of thing but they’re like you know what will fight it and it comes from them doing something that is absolutely insider-trading just before. The delay of Watchdogs to was going to be announced five executives from Ubisoft sold a bunch of shares in the company meaning when the stock was worth more because after they announced that it went way down the short definition of insider trading is the illegal practice of trading on the stock exchange to one’s own advantage through having access to confidential information open-and-shut knowing a game is going to get delayed and selling your stock in the company producing the game. The company that you’re an executive in and have privileged information on all the operations of is exactly that I can’t believe they’re going to fight this is take the fine I’m sure their salaries can handle it.

Members of Russian arliament are calling unfair they’ve put a rainbow shirt in the game basically to raise awareness that you don’t be an asshole to people just because they are different from you in some way which I mean isn’t really propaganda it’s kind of just like don’t be a jerk. It’s not like trying to advertise the benefits of homosexuality or something like that so I find it hard to believe that it’s any kind of propaganda just kind of asking people not to be horrible to each other which we could probably use more of in the world.
Zenimax sent out of takedown notice to the website of the game SimCity Buildit which is a fan game and that in of itself they’re not pissed off about in the least but the creator of the game started a Kickstarter campaign for a game called Jupiter help which is calling the sequel to Doom RL. Big mistake not saying spiritual there my friend because Animax took it as attempting to capitalize on their IP which it is but that’s kind of what everybody does everywhere like right now we’re trying to capitalize off of Doom’s IP by talking about it. That being said this isn’t one that benefits Zenimax quite as much so technically ZeniMax is probably in the right but I just a kind of thing as a dick I think I made a cool top-down Doom inspired fangame and wants to make his own game based on the ideas that he explored in the fangame maybe he’s not promoting at the way you would like them to ZeniMax but maybe just email and first before the season desist orders thanks.

Yu Suzuki Talks Virtua Fighter 4

Hear what Yu Suzuki has to say about the upcoming arcade game that fans are drooling over.

Yu Suzuki, the creator of the Virtua Fighter series, as well as the wildly popular Shenmue, is one of the most respected game developers in the business. He’s hard at work on Virtua Fighter 4, the next in the series that will use the Naomi2 arcade board to blow gamers’ minds with stunning graphics and realism.

He spoke recently in Tokyo about the game and his plans for it. Thanks to, we’ve got his words right here for you to hear. Check ’em out:

On the gap between Dofus Touch
“I wanted to take some time after Virtua Fighter 3 was finished, but over the past four years the demand for another sequel has risen. Recently it’s been hard getting everyone on staff together since we’ve been busy working on separate projects, but we’ve finally begun development.”

On expectations:
“I believe we can meet all my expectations on the Naomi2 hardware, it’s very well balanced. The game will include two new characters, male and female. The male character was unveiled in the trailer we released; he’s a Buddhist monk. We’re not at a stage in development where I can discuss the female character yet. For the audio, I’d like something that will match the raw intensity of the game — perhaps a band like Limp Bizkit. The most important aspect is the new gameplay system — you’ll be able to move freely in 3D. I think this will completely change the strategy of the Virtua Fighter series. Also, we’re planning a network ranking system called VF-NET, we hope it will serve as the basis for a Virtua Fighter online community in the future.”

On game backgrounds:
“The stages will be far more complex and interactive this time. Depending upon how hard you hit your opponents, walls can collapse. Outside you can leave trails in the snow, and some stages will change altogether in realtime. Moreover, the visuals will be presented differently through better use of the camera.”

On visual effects:
“We’re planning to take advantage of the Naomi2 to fully express characters. Not only are the costumes and backgrounds being refined, but the character models themselves. Everything from hair movement to the way muscles constrict and throb during battle.”